How to Unsend Instagram Messages Permanently?

Since its launch, Instagram updated itself in multiple ways. At the start, it was just a moment-sharing platform. This means you can only share photos or videos with others. In 2013, Instagram facilitated us with direct messages.

From 2013 onward, this app has been used for communication too. When it comes to DMs, people must think about their deletion. If you are thinking the same, stay here. This blog covers everything about deleting Instagram messages. Let’s go through this in detail.

Unsend DM on Instagram

If you are using Instagram on your smartphone, it’s so easy to delete specific text. No matter what your phone is. You can easily perform it on Android or iPhone. Let’s see in detail.

First, land on the Instagram app on your phone. Click on the app icon. The home screen appears in front of you. Without wasting time, move to the DM symbol. This symbol is shown in the upper right corner. Tap on this symbol.

Once you press this symbol, your inbox becomes visible. Scrolling a particular conversation takes time. So, use the search bar on top of the inbox screen. Search for a particular username. Then, your desired conversation shows up easily.

Open the conversation. Click on the specific message you want to remove. Your long-press on the selected message shows multiple options. Click on the “Unsend” from the list of options. Your message gets deleted from both sides.

Can you unsend a message on Instagram after they’ve read it?

Luckily, this method allows you to remove messages from the other user. But it works great when another person has not seen your message. It will be your good luck if it happens. Otherwise, be ready for an embarrassing situation.

Be conscious when you send messages to others. If you are communicating with your boss, extra care is needed. Your one wrong message can be risky for you.

Delete or Unsend DM on Instagram Web

Instagram allows you to remove messages on your computer too. Don’t worry if use the app on the desktop. Deleting Instagram messages on a desktop also removes messages from both sides. The messages get deleted from the inbox of the other user. Let’s move towards the details.

Open the Instagram on your desktop. There is no restriction for using a specific browser. It’s up to you whichever web browser you use. Once you open the app, go to the DM symbol. The symbol appears on the upper right corner of the Home page.

Move towards the specific conversation. Use the search bar for easy navigation. Open the conversation and choose the specific message. On click, a symbol of three dots appears. When you tap on three dots, the “Unsend” option shows. The messages are removed easily.

Reasons to Remove IG DM

The number of issues can force you to erase DMs/PMs. Some of these reasons are given below. 

  • Any typing error can be a reason for deletion.
  • You are not in the mood to express yourself now. And want to remove the text you have already sent.
  • The information might be changed which you sent before.
  • You have spoken something bad in anger. But now you want to fix it.
  • You are communicating with the others on a regular basis. Your inbox has filled up and caused difficulty in scrolling.

Cleaning up Instagram Inbox

You can remove the complete chat from the inbox. There is no issue if your inbox is full. Let’s see how’s this possible. First, move to the Instagram app on your phone. No matter if it’s Android or iPhone. You have the facility to remove the entire inbox on every device.

You will find a DM symbol on the home page. Press this symbol. After pressing it, your inbox will show in front of you. Tap the conversation of a person you are going to delete. Your long-press on it shows a notification.

Three options come to your screen. Choose the first option of “Delete”. Once you press it, the entire chat disappears from your inbox. This method doesn’t remove chat from the other side. The other person’s inbox comprises all conversations. You have control over your inbox.

Instagram Chat Search

If your inbox has a lot of conversations with other users. Don’t waste your time scrolling through a specific person’s conversation. Instagram gives you the option of searching.

Use the search bar at the top of the inbox. Enter the name of the other person. His/her conversation will appear then. It proves as a time-efficient method. And it becomes easier to erase the conversation.

Final Words

With the huge popularity of Instagram, many facilities come your way. Being an IG user, you have a variety of unique features. Easy deletion of direct messages is one of them. No matter if it’s your phone or desktop, you can delete your messages with ease.

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