Why Did Instagram Suspend Your Account and How to Get It Back?

Instagram has proved itself a reliable global networking platform. Billions of users from across the world rely on it. Most of them are business people. The others are using Instagram for searching brands. General users and influencer communities are also connected to it. You can say it’s a versatile application.

Some people are worried about their suspended accounts. If you are one of them, this blog is for you. We have explained the reasons for the account suspension. How to unsuspend an Instagram account is also a part of the blog. Let’s delve into the details.

Major Reasons for Account Suspension on Instagram

A lot of things can be a reason for your account suspension. Besides, Instagram can mistakenly do it. The possible reasons are:

1.  Bullying:

The content you share on this app might be bullying and offensive. Instagram takes serious action against people who harass others. You must think, have you shared anything violent?

2.  Multiple Fake Accounts:

The application is widely used as a business platform. Some people make many fake accounts for marketing. If you are doing the same, Instagram is on the right to disable your account.

3.  Unruliness:

Every social media application comes with its rules and regulations. In the same way, Instagram has its community guidelines. IG users must follow them. You may be disobeying the app’s Terms and Conditions.

4.  Unusual Activity:

Any unusual or spam activity on your Instagram can be a reason. The right use of the app never puts you in trouble. You should take care of its rules and regulations.

5.  False Followers:

The addition of false followers might put your account on suspension. Some people buy fake followers from third-party websites. The unauthentic websites sell out bots. The credibility of your account becomes doubtful. Then, Instagram takes action against it.

6.  Illegal Actions:

Instagram keeps an eye on all your activities. If you think any illegal activity will be concealed from its eye, you are wrong. The sharing of copyrighted content without obtaining permission is a major reason.

7.  Downtime of Application:

Sometimes downtime of the application may cause the disablement of the account. If this reason happens, you can easily resolve your issue. Because you are not doing anything misleading.

We have seen the possible causes of disabling the account. But the main thing is how to get back your account. It might be time-taking but your problem will be resolved. However, the chances of recovery are minimal if you were involved in any corrupt activity.

How to Get Back Your IG Account?

After discussing the possible causes, fixing this issue is a considerable thing. There are many ways to get out of this trouble. Let’s move towards them.

Wait a Few Hours

If there is no valid point behind your account suspension, it might be a downtime of the app. There may be server-side problems or anything else. The simple solution to get rid of this problem is to wait for 1 to 2 days. Whenever the app resolves its issue, your account will recover itself.

In the last year (October), thousands of users faced this difficulty. It was a severe downtime for Instagram. Without any mishap, people got stuck in this problem. Waiting for 24 to 48 hours is the best solution in this situation.

Take Action On IG

When you get deactivated, move to your Instagram main interface. It’s a notification from the app. The home page is full of reasons for your account deactivation. Aside, the app itself provides the option to recover it. Here is a reminder that you can show your opinion.

Move towards the last line of the page. Click on the button “Disagree with Decision”. Then, tap on the “I’m not a robot”. After that, fill out the Captcha. Then, tap on the “Next” button. The next screen requires your basic information.

Put your contact number or email address there. Press on “Send Confirmation”. You will receive a confirmation code on a number or email. Use this code and your account will be back.

Reach Out to Instagram

Approach towards filling out the “My Instagram Account Was Deactivated” form. Fill out all the sections with your name, IG username, number, and email. Clear out to the app that your account is mistakenly disabled. Submit that form. Send your selfie along with a code. If IG accepts your request, you receive an email. The email confirms your account activation.

Tip: Obey all the community guidelines of the app to avoid any issues. After following them, you can prove yourself as a reliable user.


Sometimes Instagram accounts get disabled or deactivated. That is a problematic situation for users. There may be some genuine reason behind it. But IG account recovery is possible. We have covered all methods of recovery.

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