How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

In recent times, Instagram has become a vital part of everyone’s life. Most of its users are exploiting it as a business tool. Sometimes it’s become a need to make more than one account. The reason can be a separate profile for business and personal use.

You might think is it possible to create a second account? Yes, it’s possible. And it’s entirely fine to run more profiles at once. This blog is a detailed guide about making more than one IG account. So, grab your mug of coffee and go through all the details.

Make an IG Account on IOS / Android

Click on the IG icon and log in to your previous account. Approach your profile picture in the left lower corner. The next screen shows three horizontal lines on the upper-right side. Click on it. A list of options will appear in front of you.

Choose the first option “Settings” from the list. After clicking on it, you will land on the next page. Click on the “Add Account” there. Then, move to “Create New Account”. Add your new IG username there.

Set your new password and press the “Next” button. Choose the “Complete Sign Up” option to complete the process. Now it depends on you to set your DP. 

Create a New IG Account on Desktop

Most people are computer-friendly nowadays. No matter if you use the app on your phone or desktop, you can easily make a second account. Let’s move towards the details.

Open any browser of your choice. Mention the link and click on it. Select the option “Sign Up” from the main interface. Put your basic credentials there. It includes your name, IG username, email or number, and password. After entering all the details, tap on “Sign Up”.

Tip: You can make your second IG account through Facebook. But it’s possible when your Facebook is not interconnected with your previous IG profile.

Why Make a Second IG Account?

Some strong points are used to force users to make a second profile. Here we have mentioned some of them.

Separate Personal and Business Profiles

If realistically seen, business profiles have a separate kind of audience. People stalk you to watch products of their interest. Targeting your viewers when posting the content is a vital thing. So, it seems a need to create a separate profile for sharing personal life moments.

But it doesn’t go the same for all cases. Because some brands share their real-life moments with viewers. In this way, their viewers feel an emotional bond with them.

On the other hand, sharing business posts may irritate your closest persons. They want to stay updated with your activities. So, the idea of separate profiles for work and personal life sounds good.

Diverse Product Range

Some brands own different types of products for their customers. There is a different audience for every product range. Considering the interests of the viewers is the most important thing. For example, “Dove” company has a variety of products for men and women.

Some brands are female clothing brands. But they introduced men’s clothing later on. To ease the customers, they made two profiles. One for the women’s clothing range and the second for the men’s clothing range. Sometimes, brands categorize the products in the same profile. But separate profiles can catch the larger audience.

To Grab a Specific Audience

If your brand is worldwide famous, separate IG profiles can grab different countries’ viewers. For example, you can target the countries owning a larger IG user count. Share the relevant cultural content on that country-specific profile. Viewers feel a connection with you in this way.

Suppose you run a female clothing brand. Display your clothing items as their country’s culture. The viewers must think about purchasing your products. Because they got the idea to style clothes in their way.

If your brand is not internationally known, separate IG profiles are useful too. You can share the posts of viewers’ interests. It will grant worldwide recognition to your brand.

Special Business Account Features

Many tasks are business-related. Managing a business on a personal profile can be daunting. For example, paid promotions are a part of business life. But it’s not possible if you own a personal account.

To advertise your brand, your profile should be professional. Then, you can get paid advertisements. Business profiles look authentic with brand logos and official usernames. Personal profiles seem unreal for business. The viewers don’t consider them reliable.

Note: It’s an easier task for a user to operate up to 5 IG profiles. Above this figure, you can face difficulty in switching these accounts.

Wrapping Up

There can be multiple reasons for making a new account. This blog is a comprehensive guide about the making of a second IG account.

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